Registration Infomation 2022

Welcome to Registrations 2022 ! ! !

​Football NSW has introduced a new online portal so instead of myfootballclub it is now this is now the place to do all your registration. I’m sure you will all find it a lot easier to use. 


2022 brings in the fifth year of the Active Kids format we understand the confusion this may bring to some parents, we are here to help so anything you may need please do not hesitate to contact a committee member. 

The Active kids initiative also means a few extra  things that are now required upon registering your school aged children, please see attached a link to what is required upon registration at the club and to ensure you can access your appropriate code. This also means unfortunately Junior registration is unable to be commenced until the Active Kids Initiative has been activated, we endeavor to give you as many opportunities to register as possible. 


If you are a Coach, Manager or Volunteer you are required by Law to have a up to date WWC Number (Working with Children) 

We look forward to doing everything in our power to making your season great. 

For registration packages please see drop down for exclusive dates and costs involved.

Warm Regards,