EPFC started its long history in 1969. 2019 was the season Emu Plains Football Club celebrated 50 years of being on the pitch. Whether you’re joining the club for the first time or if you're returning, Thank you for choosing Emu Plains Football Club. 

We hope the 2022 season is the season for big things at Emu Plains. As some of you are aware we held our 50th AGM at the end of the 2019 season and welcomed our New President, Briege McAuley to the helm. Briege has been a vital part of our club for many years now and is probably the most recognized member of Emu Plains FC. We have no doubt she will do everything in her power to make Emu Plains FC what it can be for you and your family as Briege and the Committee endeavour to bring you the best the district has to offer. ​

2022 is a year of NEW beginnings at Emu Plains, So don't miss out. EPFC is offering this year the Over 30s Woman's competition along with over 35 Men's. So all those Mum's and Dad's out there get on board, it will be fun!!

I know your all keen to register for the 2022 Season, so head on over to our Registration tab for everything Registration, it is a new system and it has taken a little bit of time to get use to (we are learning just like you), your patience during this time is greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly committee if you have any concerns. 


Yours faithfully,


EPFC Committee